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13 Feng Shui Animal Statues + Meanings

READ THIS before buying any "Feng Shui" animal statues. Do you have any figurines around your home? If so, they could be subtly influencing your thoughts, emotions, and actions... ...right under your nose. Particularly animal statues and sculptures.  Before you buy...

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Behavioral Feng Shui: The Ultimate Guide

You know Feng Shui means water and air in Chinese. And... that it has something to do with your home. But after that, it usually gets confusing for most people: All this talk about compasses, Chi energy, luck, “Bagua wheels” and everything else. This is why Feng Shui...

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Are “Feng Shui” Fish Tanks Good?

Q: Aur, you said that feng shui fish tanks and water features in the hallways could make people sick. Should I put it somewhere else or remove it completely? Great question! I'll answer in two parts: Firstly, I'll share why traditional Feng Shui says water is good to...

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The Psychology of Color Vs. The Feng Shui of Color

Human Psychology Colors Use There's a lot of scientific research about the psychological effects color. Many big companies commonly use these findings in their branding and marketing decision making.You’ll notice that most fast food chains often have mainly red and...

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Can Wind Chimes Save Lives?

Feng Shui consultants often recommend buying wind chimes to dispel “negative energies” and even attract money, health, friendship. But what the hell are they talking about? If wind chimes were so great, wouldn't shop owners who sell wind chimes be secret billionaires...

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Breaking Free of Western Thinking

Aur's personal observation of the differences between the Western thinking of her Australian students compared to her Asian students, by mentor Aur and how Asian thinking could maybe help. (8-10 min read).  Safety doesn’t Help In Western culture, people train...

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