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How to Pick the Right (Real) Guy

Life Mentor and Feng Shui expert, Aur, gives her advice on how to pick the right guy, sharing how she picked her husband and what she has to say about our criteria to pick the right guy for ourselves. --- How I Picked the Right Guy My husband and I got married within...

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5 Qualities of Great Leaders

Observations and lessons learned from my Mentor, Aur, who has spent nearly 30 years as a private advisor to Forbes 100 members, International Business Leaders, members of Royal families and Heads of State. - -  There is no 10 step plan to success. Every person’s path...

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Ending the Karma of Stupidity

 I don’t want to look dumb Nobody is perfect.  But, they don’t want others to see that. Or admit being stuck in the same destructive patterns over and over again. They’re afraid to look bad or for others to know their dark secrets. With this in mind, they’re the ones...

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What the f*$# is the point of knowing your future?

People always say that, if they knew the future, their lives would be perfect. That’s bullshit. Even when people hear something bad about their future from a fortune-teller, they still do as predicted. Because they never change. They just do whatever they want in each...

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The 7 Habits Good People Share

-- A lesson by the King of Monks in Thailand. -- In a world obsessed with success, possessions, and recognition, it’s useful to remember a deeper goal we have all shared, ever since we were kids. To become good people. We all intrinsically want to be someone who is...

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Why Keeping Secrets is Bad for You

Today's "Secret Society" In today’s society of selfies and social media, we seem to be ever increasingly concerned about maintaining a clean social image.The problem is, no body’s perfect. Everyone’s got good AND bad. But we feel we cannot let others know about our...

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Top 10 Misunderstandings in Life

1. Problems shouldn’t exist People tend to fight against problems and try to deny or avoid them. But, problems are a regular part of life. No life is without problems. See the value in each problem. Learn from them and accept their inevitable existence in your life....

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Modern Vs Ancient Architecture

The Good Ol Days Before air conditioning, fridges, anti-bacterial wipes and Febreze spray, our ancestors had to create homes which harnessed the natural world around us. They calculated the sun’s direction at all times of the year to allow sunlight into the home in...

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